There is a long tradition in contemporary ways of dealing with sound and vision. In many cases these two are combined in regard to their effect increasing moments. 5067 is the outcome of a research on the natural intersection between sound and visuals. The installation consists of two parts. The first part is a waterfilled table top with integrated loudspeakers covered with foil. The second part is a free hanging head piece above the table with an inbuilt beamer that projects directly onto the water surface. The loudspeaker modulates the water surface and the light is being reflected back to the bottom side of the head piece. A third aspect is a loud vibrating acoustic representation of the sound. The viewer is now able to see and feel the sound. As a result, sound, visuals and senses are no longer distinct from one another. The layers, espacially light and sound interact to form their respective outcome. Curated by Prof. Tom Duscher and Christian Engler.

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