Sketch a State

Sketch a State came into being as part of the Sketching Interactivity course in Winter 2014/15. In connection with the European Idea Garden project the goal was to develop tools to support the creative process. Sketching usually means to quickly visualize your idea by using pen and paper. The direct link between your mind and the sheet of paper is hard to beat. Nevertheless there are boundaries for sketching interactive prototypes. When testing your design you often need to program in order to provide functionality. Coding is something most designers shy away from because it is very counter intuitive in terms of quickly laying down ideas. Sketch a State intends to overcome these boundaries by keeping the whole process of sketching and making prototypes in the manner of sketching with a pen. In cooperation with Hermann Hartung and Florian Scheske. Curated by Prof. Frank Jacob and Prof. Tom Duscher.

VVVV Prototype
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