Vulpi is an image based synthesizer. It reduces the user interface as much as possible and focuses on images as control surface instead. Essentially Vulpi is a webcam app that generates sound based on image parameters and additionally enables you to modulate the sound by using your finger on the touchscreen. You can choose notes for the synthesis on a hidden field on the left. While there is no scale for ordinary notes you are free to pitch the sound even in between the chromatic scale. Even if Vulpi lets you freeze frames it will not let you save any images for later useage. It encourages you to be creative if you would like to recreate a sound. You can also go back to the place where you once found your tone. Thus it establishes a strong bond to the physical space around and reclaims the character of a physical instrument. In cooperation with Benjamin Schwarz. Curated by Prof. Frank Jacob and Jens Alexander Ewald.

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